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Instalock is not a lock.

Instalock transforms existing home door deadbolts into a remote controlled lock that looks like, or are similar to the images below installed on the inside of your home door.



100% secure!
Rolling Code technology

18 reviews for Instalock™

  1. Conscio

    This product is awesome

  2. Jennifer

    Just received my instalock. I did not realize how convenient it would be opening my door with a remote.
    I am already hooked. Very pleased with my purchase!

  3. Taylor M

    I bought this lock for my apartment door, I don’t usually write reviews because most products are not worth it. This one is a must. It is so convenient and easy to install. It took me two minutes, ever since then, I’ve been using it and haven’t had to use a key to open my door. I work late and get home when its dark and its alot easier for me to click a button than it is for me to try to insert a key. Thank you Instalock!

  4. Angelo DonBerto

    I’ve been using mine with my two adult sons for a few weeks now. I’ve never used anything before that pretty much required little set up. The two remotes that came with it were pre programmed so I only had to pair and match up the xtra remote I got. Usually electronics like the remote I would have one of my sons do for me but they were both working so I read the instructions on pairing it to the unit and it was amazingly simple!
    I know what I’ll be getting my brothers and sisters and mom this Christmas! Actually I’ll just buy them now and give it to them early! Last night when I got back from getting a few grocery’s it was still raining hard when I parked in the driveway. I used the remote from inside the car and just ran in and opened the unlocked door! Too cool! I’m impressed!

  5. Bea

    Im so excited ! I just recieved my instalock and installed it in just a couple of minutes. Of course we had to test it, we locked and unlovked the door 100 times. Works like a charm. This will be my go to christmas gift this year !

  6. Megan

    My sister and I live in an apartment complex and this works amazing! When we’re coming home tired or just want to get in quickly all it takes is a push of a button and we’re in. The Instalock is great and we cannot imagine life without it now.

  7. Brad Holt

    I just love this product! I was a little skeptical at first to how easy it was to install. It was super easy to put on my door. I pull up in my car, before I even turn the engine off I press the remote button on the remote control and when I get to my door, the door is open!. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is sick and tired of using their keys.

  8. David Combs

    Wow! I love this product. I get home late from work and usually have a bag of carry out food, briefcase, soda, keys, and cell phone in my hands. What a juggling act it was for me to unlock my front door. Now all I do is click the Instalock remote before I get out of the car and walk right in! It’s great. The product is sturdy and well built. It’s a breeze to install with no drilling, screws etc. you don’t need to be a handy person to install it. I am very pleased and highly recommend it to anyone.

  9. D. D’Albieri

    Love this lock! Great value for the money. Works like a charm. Safety, convenience all in an easy to install package. I’m getting another one as a gift for my mom. Highly recommended!

  10. Carolyn Navarra

    After researching keyless locks most were just too difficult to install and cost a few hundred dollars! Then a friend told us about InstaLock. So many advantages – convenience, portability, security, the option to still use our keys, and SIMPLE installation as it fits right over our existing lock, no tools required (as I can’t even put staples in a staple gun!). But the greatest advantage to me is using the remote in our Florida home to get in FAST, before those pesky “Love Bugs” and mosquitos, and in our NC mountain home preventing the moths and other flying bugs surrounding our front door light from entering, uninvited! (not to mention coming home at night and running into the house to avoid running into a bear when a remote key would really come in handy!!!). LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  11. Erinn Bunag

    Amazing product!!! Fast shipping and so easy to install! I had my lock in place and working in minutes from it arriving. Highly recommended for everyone!! Five stars.

  12. Ben Stanton

    This is one of those few products that really live up to the hype. It took me less than a minute to install with zero tools needed. I can’t imagine having to go back to using my keys after having this on my door now. LOVE IT!

  13. Nancy

    I have arthritis and simple things just are not that simple any more. Pushing a button to unlock my door what great idea. Thank You Instalock!
    I will love to tell all my friends.

  14. Mary Ann Evans

    I love this lock! It took less than 5 minutes to attach it to my door and now I don’t have to fumble for my keys when I have my hands full.

  15. M. Bobincheck

    As a single woman living alone I love the added security when I get home late at night and I can unlock my door before getting out of my car. And the fact that I could install it myself without any tools was such a bonus. I’m going to give one to my sister for Xmas.

  16. Rosemarie

    Love love love everything about this lock!
    The easy installation, not having to fumble with my keys anymore, the gorgeous look, and all for such a reasonable price! Highly recommend!!

  17. Jamee & Henry

    Such a great idea and product you have come up with. I have a large purse and I hate trying to find my house key… takes forever sometimes. I also love that you added a key pad so someone else can unlock the door if needed or you can’t find your keys.

  18. Anonymous

    Instalock is a wonderful product, very simple to install and reliable. Our brother has suffered muscular dystrophy for the whole of his life and this product provides him safety and security. We are very thankful that we discovered Instalock on our brothers behalf and would recommend it to anyone.

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Why Instalock?

Instalock is a patented, simple, easy to Install remote keyless entry system for your home door that transforms your existing door lock into a remote controlled door. Instalock uses the same secure rolling code technology as your automobiles remote control.  It is 100% reliable, easy to install, and less expensive than other smart locks on the market.

For condo owners and tenants alike, Instalock solves the age-old problem of having to use a key. Instalock works with the existing lock and installs on the inside of your home door thereby allowing a keyless entry without breaking the tenant or condo association rules.

For homeowners who use their front door as an entry way to their home; Instalock is an inexpensive, convenient way to have keyless entry without having to change out their existing lock system.

For added convenience Instalock is also offered with a 4-digit keypad and proximity remote as additional ways to operate your unit without using a key. And YES! your key still works as it normally would.

Instalock costs less, is more reliable and super simple to Install.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 2 in

4 AA Batteries (included)


Brushed Silver, Dark Bronze


Remote Fob key-less entry




RF Rolling Code


FCC Certification ID# 2APX6-1001

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