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Non-metal Door Instructions

Metal Door Instructions

Remote Pairing Instructions

Changing Polarity Instructions

Striker Plate Alignment Instructions

Removing Metal Plate Instructions

How do I install my InstaLock unit?

Read the enclosed written instructions and watch the video instructions above.

How do I know if I have a metal door?

Hold the unit against your doors surface; if you feel a magnetic pull then you can follow the Metal Door instructions for Installation.
If you do not feel a magnetic pull, then use the Non-Metal Door instructions for installation. For all installations and troubleshooting we recommend you watch the easy to follow instructional videos.

How do I remove the metal plate from my door's surface?

Watch the instructional video for Metal plate removal so as not to damage your doors surface.

What if I attach my metal plate at an angle, and it is not aligned squarely to my door's surface?

We have included an extra set of adhesive strips so you can reattach the metal plate correctly if you need to, or if you move to another location. We recommend watching the Instructional video on how to remove the metal plate from your doors surface, and also the video instructions on installing your Instalock(R) for Non-Metal doors video prior to installing.

My command strips do not adhere to my door's surface.

A. Always make sure to remove any grease or residue by cleaning the interior of your doors surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the metal plate to your doors surface.

B. If the surface of your door is oxidized the command strips will not adhere successfully to the surface. To solve this problem you will need to paint your door to provide a better surface for the command strips to adhere to.

How does instalock work?

Instalock(R) is a unique patented system that attaches over you existing deadbolt thumb turn on the inside of your door using NO TOOLS for installation by magnetizing to your doors surface.

See video instructions for easy installation.

What kind of door locks does instalock work on?

Instalock(R) works on all dead bolt thumb turns except Baldwin door locks. Instalock(R) does not work on double keyed entry locks. The lock MUST be a thumb turn. See Home page pictures for examples.

Can I still use my key with Instalock?

Yes. As you are using your existing lock, you can still use your key.
We recommend you ALWAYS keep your key with you as a precaution to make sure you can enter your door.

What kind of batteries does instalock use?

Instalock(R) uses 4 AA batteries easily located at the back of the unit.

How long will my batteries last for?

Instalock(R) has a battery life of up to 5000 revolutions of opening and closing your door. Depending on usage, your batteries will last between six months and 1 year.

How will I know if my batteries are running low?

When you have to press the remote button 2 times to operate your lock you still have approximately 250 revolutions remaining of battery life. However, we recommend you change your batteries so as not to risk your unit not working once you have to press the remote button more than once.

Does my phone work with instalock?

No. People don’t use a phone to open their car door.

Our research showed that the majority of people do not feel it is necessary to use their phone to open their home door.

The Instalock(R) is a simple radio frequency unit utilizing the same technology as a garage door opener. It’s 100% reliable and not susceptible to losing a connection or relying on your phone if the battery should die. However, for the more techy customers we will be introducing a second model named Instalock(R) Blu that will work with a phone and also have WI-Fi connection.

How do I return my instalock?

What if the manual operation of my Instalock is too firm or too loose?

On the back of the Instalock(R) unit you will see the C channel with a screw. If the manual operation is too firm you may release the tension on the screw so that the thumb turn is smoother for operation.

If the manual operation of the thumb turn is to loose you my tighten the screw for a tighter feel.

If the manual operation of your thumb turn is to loose this may restrict the unit from working properly with your remote control.
Tighten the screw on the C channel on the back of the Instalock(R) unit to solve this problem.

What if my Instalock unit stops working?

Please check the following to resolve this issue:

A. Replace the 4 AA batteries in the back of the unit.

B. If the blue light on your remote control does not come on when you press the remote buttons replace the remote control battery.

C. Check the screw on the back of the unit that attaches the C channel to the thumb turn. If the thumb turn is too loose, you may tighten the screw. If the manual thumb turn operation is too loose it will not engage the gears inside of the unit.

D. If none of the above solutions solve the issue please contact the toll-free number, refer to the Returns Policy on the website so we may arrange a return.

Can any instalock remote control open my Instalock?

No. Your Instalock(R)  can ONLY be operated by the Instalock(R) remote control programmed to your specific Instalock(R) or when you purchase additional remote controls and program them specifically to your Instalock(R).

You’re Instalock(R) unit comes pre-programmed from the factory to your remote control(s) Included with your purchase.

When I purchase the Instalock do I have to program my remote control units?

No: your Instalock(R) unit comes pre-programmed with the remote control(s)from the factory. Simply remove the battery tab from the battery compartment and you are ready to go! 

Can I purchase additional remote controls?

Yes. You may purchase additional remote controls and program them specifically to your Instalock(R) unit by simply pressing the pairing button and one remote button simultaneously.


How many remote controls can I use with my Instalock?

You can program up to eight remote controls to your Instalock(R).

Is my Instalock safe and secure?

Yes. Your Instalock(R) is 100% safe and secure. Each Instalock(R) is equipped with rolling code technology. Every time you press the remote button the access code changes to a new access code. There are over 1 trillion codes making your Instalock(R) 100% safe and secure!

How far of a distance will my remote control open my door?

You can access your Instalock(R) from up to 80 feet.

Can I operate more than one Instalock with the same remote control?

Yes. Providing you program each remote to your Instalock(R) you may operate more than one Instalock(R) simultaneously. If you would like to open more than one door simultaneously set the polarity switches so that each door opens and closes accordingly.