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Why are you still fumbling with keys?

Hear what Instalock® users have to say…

Real Customers. Real Simple.

“I was so tired of fiddling with my keys to open my front door. A friend told me about Instalock(R) and how it worked with my existing door lock. I’m a tenant and could not change out my door lock even if I wanted to, (not that I would want to!) as I’m not a handy woman LOL! My keys still work and my landlord doesn’t know the difference. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to put on my door. I’m 80 years old! If I can do it, anyone can! It’s a great product. If you’re over using keys to get into your door like I was, then this is a simple solution. I love the product.”

– Liz

“I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this before! I live in a second floor apartment. As a tenant I’m not allowed to change my door lock. I hate using keys! When I pull up to my parking spot, I press the remote button and when I get up upstairs my front door is open! It’s really great!!! And my key still works if I ever want to use it. Not! Installation was super easy too. I took out of the box, removed the battery tabs and attached it over my door lock. The remote was already programmed from the factory. Literally 10 seconds and it was done! Highly recommended!”

– Jeremy

“I live in a 55 plus Condo building and we are not allowed to change our door locks because of the Condo rules. The Instalock(R) product was so convenient and easy to install. Installation really was as easy as they say it is. People should know that this product goes over your dead bolt on the inside of your door and uses your existing door lock, so your key still works. This just makes your current door lock a remote controlled door, just like your car! At night I lock the door manually, just like before. You really have to experience this product to appreciate how easy it works.”

– Brad

“I live in a townhome. I’m not a handyman, anything to with tools and I’m out! I have a buddy of mine who recently installed a smart lock in his home. It’s so nice not use a key anymore. Like I said I’m not handy and no way want to mess with changing my lock, or paying someone. Like most people I don’t like having to use a key to open my door. If you think about, in this day and age, it’s ridiculous! We don’t use keys for opening our car doors? So I bought one. It turns out this product is exactly what they say it is. It takes longer to read the instructions than it does to install. Great product! Very happy with my purchase.”

– Steve

No-tools installation. Everything included.

  • NO TOOLS – Installs on the inside of your Home Door in seconds
  • No More Keys
  • Transform Your Existing Dead Bolt into A Remote Controlled Door
  • Rolling Code Technology – 100% Secure
  • Works From Up to 80 feet
  • Long Battery life
  • Your Existing Key Still Works
  • 100% portable – take it with you when you move or to your second home

Works on locks that look like this…

Install is so easy, even a 4 year old can do it!